French Tuition

Professional French Language Tutor, Sydney

Home, private and tele-conference tutoring services available

Courses available:

For School Students

Personalised tuition by experienced French teacher from Beginners to HSC Extension level

HSC Students

  • Practise your speaking skills so that you are well prepared and confident for your oral examinations.
  • Practise your listening skills and learn the techniques that will help you in your aural examinations.
  • Develop your reading and writing skills.
  • Improve your grammar and extend your vocabulary.

Junior French courses

Young students can participate in French lessons involving language learning, cultural activities, listening games, puzzles, role-playing and songs.

Group or individual tuition

For high school students of all ages, tailored to suit your needs and at times to suit your schedule

For Adults

General course
Learn French in a relaxed environment and discover the French way of life. What gives the French their “joie de vivre”? You will gain the skills to more fully appreciate French culture, express yourself confidently, understand French terms on a restaurant menu and you will enjoy a French movie even more when you can follow the dialogue.

French for Travellers
Make your trip to France even more memorable by being able to engage in conversation with the locals. Topics covered are greetings, asking for information, getting directions, ordering food and drinks, shopping, etc. The most important skill you need will be developed in a fun way. This is the ability to understand what they are saying back to you.


Tele-courses available.
Individual or small group tuition available by phone or Skype – saving you travel time and costs. Make the most of modern technology to save time and money. Don’t let distance be a barrier to your learning, whether you live in Sydney or anywhere else.

My qualifications

I am Australian but I lived and worked in France for almost 10 years. I speak French fluently, know and appreciate the culture and lifestyle of the French people in France and also in New Caledonia, our nearest French-speaking neighbour in the Pacific, where I also lived and worked for 2 years. I have taught French in NSW State High Schools, a Catholic High School and a large Independent Private School. I have also taught French to younger students from Kindergarten to Year 6.