Latin Tutor

Professional Latin Language Tutor, Sydney

Home, private and tele-conference tutoring services available

Courses available:

For School Students

Personalised tuition by experienced Latin teacher from Beginners to HSC Extension or International Baccalauriat levels.

Senior Latin Students

  • Translation, Grammar and Textual Analysis of the prescribed texts (Prose and Poetry) for the HSC Continuers Course, Extension Course and the I.B.
  • Unseen practice (Prose and Poetry)
  • Scansion
  • Grammar Revision

Junior Latin courses

Do you know why this language is called Latin and not Roman?
Discovery course suitable for upper primary students or junior high school students, focusing on the culture of the ancient Romans, Greek and Roman myths and legends and learning the Latin language.

Group or individual tuition

For high school students of all ages.

For Adults

“Reconnect” courses or lessons available for people who have studied Latin at school and want to rediscover the sense of achievement that comes from reading great literature in the original language. No exam pressure, just the joy of reading Latin with an experienced teacher who can point out to you all the nuances of the original text.

Latin for Medical Students or Secretaries
Understand the original Latin words from which so many scientific terms are derived.

Latin for Legal Students or anyone working in the legal profession
Understand the original Latin phrases that are used so frequently in legal terminology. Ipso facto, life will be easier.


Tele-courses available.
Individual or small group tuition available by phone or Skype – saving you travel time and costs. Make the most of modern technology to save time and money. Don’t let distance be a barrier to your learning, whether you live in Sydney or anywhere else.

Why study Latin?

Latin is a fascinating language and it is of great relevance today. By learning Latin you will expand your mind and discover a civilisation whose people were like us in so many ways. They loved a good dinner party! The Romans were also conquerors, warriors, politicians, builders, engineers and so much more. They have produced some of the greatest literature ever written. It was the great poet Virgil, after all, who said “amor omnia vincit” (love conquers all) and it is still thrilling to read “The Aeneid”, his great epic poem about the hero Aeneas who escaped the destruction of Troy and after many years founded the city, which was to become Rome. Or, in a lighter vein, laugh at the well-crafted insults of the poet Martial or feel the passion of the young Catullus.